Gloucester Street

A revised planning application for Jersey’s new hospital has been submitted.

The revised scheme incorporates significant changes to the original outline plan, answering concerns by the independent Planning Inspector, the Environment Minister and some Islanders, about the scale of the proposed hospital and its impact on St Helier.

Key features of the revised scheme include:

  • a lower, wider footprint, significantly reducing the height to beneath that of the existing 1980s block, while maintaining the overall size for the whole project at 50,000 square metres
  • a three-storey base, with more storeys set back from the base to a height of six storeys in the centre of the site. This compares with the previous scheme of nine storeys

The new plans were drawn up following the rejection of the initial outline planning application for the hospital in January; they are available to be viewed on the Documents page of this website and on the States of Jersey website (reference PP/2018/0507), and will be considered by the Minister for the Environment in due course.

The project remains within the £466 million approved budget and within the proposed timetable for completion of clinical services in 2024.

A spokesperson for the project team said: “We’re pleased to have reached another important landmark in the project by submitting this application. We hope many Islanders will take the opportunity to have a look at the plans online, and we will also be holding further engagement events during the coming months where members of the team will be available to answer queries.”

Looking west along The Parade

This application seeks planning permission in ‘outline’. This establishes whether development is acceptable in principle, while the final form and appearance of buildings will be determined through subsequent applications known as Reserved Matters, following further design stages.

At this outline stage, the proposals are described in a set of Parameter Plans, which specify maximum parameters for the development. These plans are accompanied by a set of binding Design Principles, which describe rules and mitigation that will control how the final design is developed.

The Design and Access Statement contains an ‘illustrative scheme’ for the future hospital. This depicts, for indicative purposes, one way in which the Parameter Plans and Design Principles may be built out, whilst reserving flexibility for the design to vary within the parameters and principles stated. For the avoidance of doubt, the illustrative scheme is not a final design for which approval is sought, but is provided to aid interpretation of the Parameter Plans and Design Principles.

The application is supported by detailed technical documents such as the Transport Assessment, which contains information on the proposals for parking and highway improvements, and the Environmental Impact Statement, which reviews the potential environmental impacts of the proposals and proposes strategies to mitigate these. The full documents and their appendices can be found on the Documents page.

The application also covers the proposed new development at Westaway Court, which will replace the existing staff accommodation buildings.

Westaway Court from Parade Gardens

Westaway Court from Savile Street