The Council of Ministers is committed to bringing forward proposals for a new hospital as part of the transformation of all Health and Social Services. But why is this transformation needed? Many people experience great service at the current hospital, so they may not be aware of some of the reasons we need change.

The Acute Service Strategy is a plan for how hospital services will look over the next decade. The first of its kind in Jersey, the strategy sets out how hospital services provided by the Health and Social Services Department (HSSD) will look until 2024.

You can read the Easy Read summary of the Acute Service Strategy here.

You can read the full version of the Acute Service Strategy here.

10 Reasons we need a new hospital

1. Current Standards

An independent survey confirmed that almost every part of our current general hospital fails to meet modern healthcare standards.

2. Flexibility

Attempts to upgrade our current general hospital would fall short of the standards that can be achieved in a new-built hospital.

3. Speed

Building on undeveloped land is faster, cheaper and avoids disruption to patients during construction.

4. Disruption

Much of the equipment in our current hospital is failing, leading to more break-downs and risk of serious disruption to patient care.

5. Current Overcrowding

Our current hospital is overcrowded, has little storage and is hard to keep clean and free of infection.

6. Safety

Our hospital needs to provide modern, safe, sustainable and affordable healthcare services.

7. Changing Standards

Hospital treatments are changing fast and our hospital needs to meet new demands.

8. Ageing society 

We need to be ready for a larger number of older patients with more complex illnesses.

9. Community partnership

We need to focus on patients that need to be treated in hospital and support  more care in the community.

10. Attracting Staff 

A modern hospital is needed to attract key staff.