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September 2nd, 2016|

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Future Hospital drop-in meetings

August 12th, 2016|

We're currently holding drop-in sessions around the Island this month where you can meet politicians and members of the project team. If you're unable to attend, here's some of the information presented at the sessions: Future Hospital drop-in presentation Download PDF Examples of modern hospitals from around the world Download PDF

The Future Hospital: Next Steps

June 29th, 2016|

Deciding where Jersey’s Future Hospital should be built is one of the most important choices we will make in a generation. It’s essential we get it right to make sure we’re protecting the health and interests of Islanders -  not just now, but for decades to come. In January this year, the Council of Ministers [...]

New build next to existing site is now the preferred option for the Future Hospital

June 13th, 2016|

The Council of Ministers has now confirmed that the site choice for the new hospital will be a development of the existing hospital site along Newgate Street and an extension along some adjoining properties in Kensington Place. In January of this year, it was agreed there would be a period of public engagement to consider [...]