Senator Andrew Green, Minister for Health and Social Services, has welcomed the assurance report written by Concerto, advisors to the Future Hospital Scrutiny Sub-Panel, and published today.

“After intensive and in-depth conversations between members of the Project Team and the report’s authors, the ensuing report is a constructive document which shows how we can work with Scrutiny in moving ahead on this vital project,” he said.

“The report acknowledges the quality of work undertaken by the Project Team in developing plans for the Future Hospital, and recognises the way that the Future Hospital ties in with other planning to transform the way health and social care is delivered in Jersey under P82/2012 [‘Health and Social Services: A New Way Forward’]. I look forward to discussing many of the detailed points covered in the report with the Sub-Panel at tomorrow’s meeting.”

Deputy Eddie Noel, Minister for Infrastructure, added: “I’m very pleased that the strength of the Project Team has been highlighted in the Concerto report, which vindicates the way in which planning work towards the Future Hospital is proceeding. I’m grateful to members of the Sub-Panel and their advisors for their efforts in focusing on this hugely important project.”