As part of the relocation works prior to construction of the new Hospital, the area where patient meals are currently prepared will move off-site. Meals will be prepared and delivered chilled to the General Hospital and other Health and Social Services facilities where they are heated as necessary in on-site ovens. In the short-term this will create much-needed space for the relocation of outpatient clinics while demolition and construction takes place at the Newgate Street end of the Hospital site. In the longer-term, the catering facility will remain off-site: this is standard practice in many hospitals, where there is no need for an auxiliary function to occupy space in an acute setting. The catering operation will be largely unchanged, with the same States of Jersey catering staff providing the same service to patients using the same equipment, the only change being the short journey from where the food is prepared to the patients.

The proposed use of the light industrial units in St Peter will not have a major impact on residents: filter systems will prevent odours from escaping, traffic movement will be similar to previous occupants of the units and the hours of operation will be restricted to day-time hours rather than a round-the-clock operation. However we appreciate that there may be initial concerns from some parishioners, and welcome to opportunity to meet them and share more detail about what’s proposed.

The current proposals will not affect the popular Thyme Out restaurant at Jersey General Hospital, which will continue to provide food for Hospital staff, visitors and members of the public.

There is a meeting taking place at St Peter’s Parish Hall at 6pm on Wednesday 25th October 2017 to go through the relocation plans of the Hospital catering unit and to answer any questions anyone may have.