Author: Jose de Cordova – ENT Consultant

My dream for Jersey is for us to have a hospital which provides the very best level of care for patients in a friendly and healing environment, and enables us to deliver the specialised services we need for children and the elderly. To achieve this, we need a new hospital.

The current hospital is old fashioned in its design – and can’t be fixed through piecemeal changes. We’re working as much as we can within the current design, which is why you can see refurbishment going on, but eventually we will be unable to provide the quality of care we should provide to patients.

A major issue in the current hospital is how inefficient the spacing of departments is. Take my own department for example, the Ear, Nose and Throat department; there are a number of closely linked departments that we work with, including the maxillofacial department and the paediatric department. Currently, all these departments are spread out across the building, or even in a separate building over the road. This set-up increases the time it takes us to deliver effective care and makes it more difficult for patients, as they need to be moved far more often.

We’re also having trouble with bed and staff capacity. Wards are getting overcrowded, causing unnecessary cancellations of patients’ operations and referrals to hospitals off-Island, away from home and loved ones. We have the expertise in Jersey to provide excellent healthcare – we simply can’t deliver the service we’re capable of without the necessary tools and environment.

This isn’t ideal for patients, and as doctors we want to provide a place where we can offer a high level of care to all islanders, close to their families and in familiar surroundings. I’ve worked in hospitals across the world, including in South America, the USA, and the UK, and I’m absolutely confident that Jersey can set a standard that ranks among the highest in the world. We can, and should, become a centre of healthcare excellence.

Times are changing quickly, especially the way we provide healthcare – Jersey needs to adapt. Our current hospital does not allow us to do this; we need a new one for the good of islanders, present and future.

Jose – On modern hospital and current state- HD from Future Hospital on Vimeo.