The redevelopment of a new general hospital on the current and nearby sites was agreed by the States Assembly in 2016.

This location was chosen from 41 potential sites. They were measured against five factors such as whether the site is big enough, easily accessible and available. Five sites<> were shortlisted and assessed for benefits, risks and costs.

The site isn’t perfect but compared with the others reviewed, it scored best for patient safety, blue light access, patient and staff travel and transport, planning, the impact of the building on the town, and town regeneration.


  • This site is ready to go
  • Central St Helier is a sustainable, accessible location with good transport links
  • Around a third of people who come to the hospital walk to it – staff, patients and visitors can get there more easily
  • The necessary utilities – electricity, water, gas, drains – already exist
  • There’s an existing car park which will link directly to the new hospital
  • The area around the hospital will be improved

Key benefits

  • The new hospital can be constructed in a single main construction phase – this enables a faster and more efficient build
  • The main construction phase is adjacent to, but offsite to the operational hospital – disturbance during the main build phase can therefore be minimised
  • The hospital can be constructed at a cost similar to a new build / new site options
  • An entirely new build hospital will enable a high quality clinical environment supporting modern safety standards
  • The new hospital will create an ideal healing environment for patients and their carers

This building information model video was created as part of the detailed planning and design process for the current site:

Illustrative designs

Massing Options (Jun 2016)

massing models


Future Hospital drop-in posters (summer 2016)

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Examples of modern hospitals from around the world

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