The Council of Ministers has now confirmed that the site choice for the new hospital will be a development of the existing hospital site along Newgate Street and some adjoining properties in Kensington Place.

In January of this year, it was agreed there would be a period of public engagement to consider the sites that had been shortlisted for Jersey’s Future Hospital. During the ensuing engagement period, the decision was made to remove People’s Park from consideration when it became apparent that this was not acceptable to the public, or to the majority of the States Assembly.

After a careful assessment of all remaining options, a decision has now been made on a site choice, which is a development of the existing General Hospital site.

This Site is being recommended because:

  1. We are able to achieve an excellent quality hospital
  1. It can be delivered quickly (8 years in a single main construction phase)
  1. It will continue to be accessible to patients, visitors and staff
  1. It should be affordable and similar in cost to new build or new site alternatives
  1. It is more acceptable to the Parish of St Helier, Planning and Transport Authority and most States Members
  1. It is not as disruptive to existing services as previous schemes
  2. It builds on the context and traditions of the current General Hospital
  3. It creates the possibility of a ‘health campus’, integrating health, social care and education in one location

Key Benefits:

  • The new hospital can be constructed in a single main construction phase – this enables a faster and more efficient build
  • The main construction phase is adjacent to, but offsite to the operational hospital – disturbance during the main build phase can therefore be minimised
  • The hospital can be constructed at a cost similar to a new build / new site options
  • An entirely new build hospital will enable a high quality clinical environment supporting modern safety standards
  • The new hospital will create an ideal healing environment for patients and their carers

Next steps:

  • Further work with staff, neighbours and other stakeholders and authorities to improve and prove the scheme approach – prior to the summer recess
  • A period of engagement with the public and stakeholders to obtain their views on the approach and how it might be improved – during the summer recess
  • A period of scrutiny by the relevant Health and Corporate Services sub-committee to review the proposals  – during and following the summer recess
  • A debate in the States Assembly with a recommendation to confirm the site and funding for detailed design and feasibility studies – before the end of 2016
  • Detailed feasibility studies, relocation and enabling works – during 2017 and 2018
  • Construction of the major build phase commences – during 2019

Future Hospital Walkthrough_Animation from Future Hospital on Vimeo.

Notional animation of the hospital

Massing Options

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Future Hospital drop-in presentation

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Examples of modern hospitals from around the world

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