Access to modern, safe and affordable healthcare is a fundamental human right. As elected representatives, it’s our duty to offer the people of Jersey the best healthcare possible, at every age. As we cope with an increasingly ageing population, and greater demands and expectations of our health service, the transformation of all our Health and Social services is a major priority for the Council of Ministers. We’re committed to bringing forward proposals for a new hospital as part of this transformation.

Our doctors and nurses at the current hospital are doing an excellent job day in, day out, of providing patients with an excellent standard of care, supported by colleagues working in auxiliary areas whose work may be unseen but is equally essential. All our staff need the right tools, facilities and working conditions to continue their work. A recent independent survey has confirmed that almost every part of our current General Hospital fails to meet modern healthcare standards and cannot be adapted to meet them.

A new hospital will enable patients to continue to receive improving care sooner and at a far lower overall cost than if we were to try to renovate the current site in piecemeal form and send increasing numbers of patients overseas for simple operations. We explored fully the possibility of maintaining the current site without major investment, but the risks to patient safety, comfort and dignity, alongside the high costs incurred for a less than ideal hospital design, make this an untenable option.

We identified the 10 key reasons why we need a new hospital here. key points are critical in determining the right site for our Future Hospital.

To ensure we had all the facts to make the right decision for Jersey, we reviewed 40 possible sites for the new hospital and commissioned a thorough, professional independent review by WS Atkins International plc and Gleeds Management Services into their suitability.

You can find more about each site and the selection process we followed here.

We want Islanders to have access to all the information on why we need a new hospital, and to provide an opportunity for you to have your say on the preferred site for the Future Hospital. During February, Ministers will lead a public engagement to open the debate on the short-listed sites.

The previous option for a two-site Future Hospital, split between the current General Hospital site and Overdale, will be included in the preliminary engagement to enable comparisons to be made with the following four options:

Option B      Overdale Hospital (100% new build, single site option)

Option C      Current General Hospital (100% new build, single site option)

Option D      Waterfront (south side) (100% new build, single site option)

Option E      People’s Park (100% new build, single site option)

From March, a two-month consultation will run, asking Islanders their views on their preferred site.

All opinions and other feedback will be passed onto Ministers and States Members. Ministers will subsequently recommend a preferred site to the State Assembly for approval. We hope you will be part of this dialogue.

This is an important decision for the future of Jersey and all who live here: together, we can ensure we have a hospital that delivers exceptional healthcare for Islanders, now and in the future.

If you have any questions about our future hospital, please share them with us on our Facebook page.